Meet the Leadership: Adam Watters, Principal

How did you become interested in engineering? In high school I enjoyed working with my hands, either participating in a woodworking project in wood shop classes or tinkering with cars. I never gave college too much thought until my senior year when my parents started talking to me about choosing a major in college. I didn’t know what I wanted to go into as a major or where. Knowing I enjoyed math and science, my parents suggested taking engineering courses at the local technical college. That fall, I began classes and quickly…

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HAWA Mission

HAWA engineers solutions that respond to the needs of our clients. –  To accomplish this, we involve ourselves early in the process to ensure we have a full understanding of the project goals and criteria at the onset.  Our core values of Service, Quality, Commitment, Leadership, and Collaboration drive us to participate upfront and throughout our projects to ensure all your project goals are met.

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